Module One Schedule (Projected)

Date Class Hybrid Assignments
Week 1
23 Jan
Website Access (HostGator)
Cpanel Overview
Codecademy: HTML & CSS
Complete Codecademy HTML Tutorial
Introduction to HTML
HTML Structure: Using Lists
HTML Structure: Tables, Divs, and Spans
Week 2
30 Jan
cPanel, File Management
Paths:Relative and Absolute
Linux Syntax
Web Site Structure
Complete Codecademy CSS Tutorial
W3Schools HTML & CSS Tutorials
Post W3Schools HTML and CSS Quiz Results to your online portfolio.
Preview CSS Select Tutorial
Week 3
6 Feb
Liquid CSS Design
Spider and the Starfish
CSS Select Tutorial
Week 4
13 Feb
Frameworks for developing responsive, mobile
first web sites. Bootstrap/W3.CSS
Reimagining the Internet
Complete, and post, Module 1 Assignment Portfolio.
Week 5
20 Feb
Exam One
Mod One Assignments Due
After Exam, prepare for Mod 2.

In the first module, we cover several markup languages. Specifically, we cover HTML and CSS. We also cover several other topics including cPanel and Linux File Systems. These technologies create a foundation that we will build on for the rest of the course. This module also includes a conceptual look at the Internet and at decentralized management and technology.