Module Two Schedule (Projected)

Date Face to Face Hybrid
Week 6
27 Feb
Codecademy: PHP
Introduction to PHP
Control Flow If/Else
Control Flow: Switch
Arrays in PHP
Loops:For and Foreach
Loops:While and Do-While
Functions in PHP, Parts I and II
Object-Orientated Programming, Parts I and II
Advanced Arrays and Maps
Chapter 1, Introduction to PHP
Assignment Codecademy PHP
Text Reading
Week 7
6 March
Chapter 2, Programming with PHP
AssignmentEli PHP
Week 8
13 March
Chapter 3, Creating Dynamic Web Sites
Spring Break (13-18 March) No F2F Meeting!
PHP Manual
W3Schools PHP
Week 9
20 march
Exam Two (Codecademy:PHP. Chapters 1,2,3 plus Assignments)
Module Two Assignments Due
After exam, prepare for Module 3.

In Module Two, we learn server side scripting with PHP. In our assignments, we continue to work with Codecademy tutorials. We also introduce video tutorials from Eli the Computer Guy. As a practitioner, Eli has a perspective that differs from mainstream academics. Still, the material that he covers will add value to your learning experience.

In this module, the class textbook “PHP and MySQL” is introduced. It is suggested that you go through the Codecademy tutorial prior to starting the text. Depending on your learning style, you may want to first get the textbook's sample code working before reading the text. Getting the code to run first, may enhance both your confidence and your learning.

Since, we will continue working with PHP in the next module, learning PHP is important for your continued in class success.