Five Hybrid Class Suggestions

Welcome to our hybrid class. Compared to a traditional class, this hybrid class requires about half as much class time. Though, it also requires you to assume more responsibility for your learning. Compared to a traditional course, many students find that hybrid classes require more self-motivation, self- discipline, and self-structure.

Since we will only have half as much face to face time as a traditional class, you may find the lack of instructor interaction and corresponding feedback to be off putting. From a more positive perspective, you will have more latitude in determining how to best demonstrate your learning. For example, in your learning portfolio, you will have more latitude in choosing how to best demonstrate that you have met the course goals. On the other hand, if you are overly attached to multiple choice questions and rote learning, you may find aspects of this hybrid course frustrating.

Since a hybrid course has half as much lecture time as a traditional course, your optimum approach to this class will differ from your approach to a traditional class. For example, missing a single hybrid class is equivalent to missing a week in a traditional class. But there are other attributes that differ as well. To help you succeed, I have a few suggestions.

The syllabus is very important. Should you lose the hard copy of the course syllabus, download, and print out, the course syllabus from our class website. Be sure that you understand the course goals, schedule, and assignment/portfolio due dates. To make sure that you are on track and on schedule, check the syllabus frequently. Note that even if the instructor does not remind you in class that a particular assignment is due, you should complete and post it by the scheduled date. Note that all of the assignments for a module are always due on the same day as the module exam.

Create a structured study plan. Your plan needs to include the day, time, and place of where you will study. That is, your schedule should consist of regular days, times, and places. The standard recommendation is for you to expect to spend at least two to three hours of work for each semester class hour. If your other responsibilities prevent you from dedicating that much time to this class, you may find the choice of a hybrid class to be suboptimal.

Start assignments early! Don't wait for the last day to begin an assignment. Before beginning, make sure that you understand the assignment. Read, and if necessary reread, the assignment. Make sure that you can complete all aspects of the assignment. In your work, when you employ outside resources such as quotes, images, and/or references, be sure to provide appropriate attribution. (Note, be aware that the class is not authorized to use official UH graphics such as the official UH logo.)

To be successful, you must be able to complete a specified task on time. Nonpunative extensions are often not available for online assignments. If you run into a last minute technical problem when you try to complete an assignment, you may become frustrated. If you tend to put things off or try to do things at the last minute, you may find this hybrid course frustrating.

Backup all your course work. Your instructor has provided you with an online site where you can store your work. Note that that online site provides you with access to a backup utility. You also have your own computer. At a minimum, you should keep a copy of important work at both places. Note that you are free to use other resources, such as Google or dropbox, as well...

Your instructor has office hours. They are listed on the syllabus. Often, stopping by my office will get an issue resolved more quickly than emailing.

Best of luck!

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